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15 May, 2020
2020-5-15 5:51:47 PM UTC
A lot cheaper on "A Great Read" though not sure if they ship outside UK

Deluxe £50.66

Standard £17.69
15 May, 2020
2020-5-15 6:00:01 PM UTC
Glad to hear people are getting good service so far from A Great Read.

A few days ago, their welcome message said they were delivering to the UK only. I checked again today, and it says "UK and EU". So there is hope they are expanding their delivery options...

1_5ebed871aa31b.png 479X330 px
15 May, 2020
2020-5-15 6:25:19 PM UTC
Indeed. And the fact that they have USD as an optional currency bodes well for the future.
18 Jun, 2020 (edited)
2020-6-18 9:37:35 AM UTC
I noticed the cover art for this has been added to the Amazon listing, and is different to the one on the cover of the 2020 calendar. I can't say I've ever seen the image before, does anyone know if it is a new painting?

10_5eeb446d4eebf.jpg 433X469 px

10_5eeb447c46b17.jpg 441X467 px
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 10:04:22 AM UTC
That does look new to me. It also looks like it will match the LotR/Hobbit set due very soon too. Perhaps a new Silmarillion is around the corner as well?
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 12:34:01 PM UTC
Superb dust jacket ! With Alan on the front/spine and John on the back.
Ted is not well served on this one Perhaps his contribution is smaller than for the other 2.
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 12:42:22 PM UTC
I think Ted Nasmith got the exclusivity for the Calendar, and John How and Alan Lee for the book's cover.
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 12:46:47 PM UTC
But I don't need another copy of this. It should look disgusting and I'd not want it. I've ordered this but not the Rings/Hobbit box. If they released a Silmarillion like this I'd go for that.
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 2:19:05 PM UTC
The artwork for this set will be brand new from all 3 artists.

It gives those who don't own Unfinished Tales a choice to go for the classic design featuring Tolkien's art for the cover, or the illustrated one, which will match the forthcoming editions of The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, as well as The Great Tales.

There's a difference between completing a collection ("I don't own Unfinished Tales yet") and double-dipping ("I already have Unfinished Tales.")

The two are not the same.
18 Jun, 2020
2020-6-18 3:20:13 PM UTC
Also, here are the relevant parts of the production info in regards to the artwork:

2021 Calendar:

"To commemorate this special occasion three of the world’s finest Tolkien artists – Ted Nasmith, John Howe, and Alan Lee – have each contributed four full-colour artworks to the Calendar. To accompany each painting, every month features complementary pencil drawings or sketches selected by the artists which are exclusive to this calendar."

Unfinished Tales 40th anniversary illustrated edition:

"...18 full-colour paintings depicting scenes from the First, Second and Third Ages of Middle-earth..."

My take: if you're interested in seeing/owning the new artwork, but don't want another copy of the book itself, than the calendar is the way to go to serve that purpose.
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