A feature I have wanted to put together for a few years now, is finally here! (In beta, at least).

  • You can "preview" a post you are composing, which will not post it to the site, but will show you what it looks like (not a big deal for most of you, but handy for longer post compositions).
  • You can submit your post, as usual, to have it published for everyone to see
  • you can "Save as Draft" which will store your post on the server, but no-one but you will be able to see it. You can then re-open it to edit later, and submit (or delete your draft if you decide against it).
  • You can "cancel" your post at any time, and all changes are lost.

Please let me know if you see any issues with posting, browsing, or anything else. A lot of minor tweaks were made through various parts of the site as this was developed and tested.