hobbit-breton.jpgEverytype has just announced the release of their Breton translation of The Hobbit, available for purchase through Amazon (com, uk and fr) - find links to the various shops at http://www.evertype.com/books/hobbit-br.html

The Hobbit was first translated into Breton in 2001 by Alan Dipode. This new edition is based on that first translation by Alan, and has been revised by Alan Dipode and Joshua Tyra. Updated maps and runes in Breton are provided by Michael Everson, along with Tolkien's original illustrations with captions translated into Breton by Michael as well.

Second edition, 2020. Illustrations by the author. Dundee: Evertype.
  • Hardcover - ISBN 978-1-78201-269-6, price: €27.95, £24.95, $33.95.
  • Paperback - ISBN 978-1-78201-268-9, price: €19.95, £17.95, $24.95.

Be sure to look out for other Evertype Hobbit translations also available: Irish, Cornish, Hawaiian, Yiddish and Esperanto. Michael says that Gaelic, Scots, and Hindi translations are in the works as well.