I posted the following over on reddit yesterday, and thought I'd follow up here as well, since I've been lurking here for years. Perhaps someone might have an extra copy here and the that they can trade. Gallery of photos is here: https://imgur.com/a/77y5CF4

I'm about to throw some of my extra collection up on eBay, but I wanted to give this little community the option of picking one or two up first because I'd rather they go to someone who might be itching for something I have, than to be picked up by who knows who on eBay. I'm also pricing them all pretty equally and bit lower than I would on eBay; you might as well get a better deal, rather than it go into eBay's pockets. Prices are USD, then Pounds. I really would prefer to do trades, though. Scroll to the bottom to find what I am willing to trade for.

Feel free to make offers, but of course, I'm much more interested in cutting a deal if you want more than one book. I am willing to pop over to the post office for those who are serious and grab some shipping quotes. I will try and find the cheapest method that comes with a tracking number.

Full disclosure: I'm in Canada, so shipping may be a bit different than what you might expect. Unless you're in Canada, that is, in which case, go you!

Here we go! In the Gallery, you will find:

The 2014 60th Anniversary Collection. All unread, except Fellowship. $100/£77, but I can do the trilogy by themselves for $70/£54

The new 2020 Illustrated set. Everyone has been talking about these lately, and they certainly are nice. Unread 1st printing. Slight printing error in Return of the King resulting in three pages being tinted a light blue colour. $100/£77 Doesn't have the map error.

The Children of Hurin Deluxe edition with slipcase from 2007. Unread, with the ribbon marker still in its original place. A 1st printing from Italy. $100/£77

2012 Large Format Hobbit. From Houghton Miffin with Alan Lee's paintings. $30/£23

The Hobbit Collector's Edition from 2000. Comes with maps, and cards and a CD. Still sealed in shrink wrap. $100/£77

1998 Harper Collins Centenary Edition. Still Sealed. This one's pretty special for me since I really like the look, and it's pretty crazy to have something this old still sealed, so I don't really know exactly how much it'll take for me to part with it, so if you're super interested, hit me with an offer or a trade and we'll take it from there.

The Trade List!

Like of us, I'm after some lovely little treasure myself, and I'd be very much interested in doing swaps for anything listed here:

Sigurd & Gudrun Deluxe 1st print

Tales From the Perilous Realm Deluxe 1st print

Beren & Luthien Deluxe 1st Print (bit of a theme here, you see)

Fall of Gondolin Deluxe 1st Print

Unfinished Tales Deluxe 1st Print(the brown one)

Gawain & the Green Knight Deluxe. Yes, I know I can just buy this, but why buy when you can trade, right?

I'd be open to considering most anything leather-bound or slipcased that came out under Harper Collins, but the above is what I'm actually after, more or less in order. Hit me up if you've got a 50th Anniversary LotR Box Set(HAHAH yeah right!)