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Tolkien's 1904 Rebus letter to Father Morgan

14 Oct, 2020 (edited)
2020-10-14 4:02:50 PM UTC

The October 2020 issue of Beyond Bree was just published, and it contains the first ever publication in full colour for PDF, black and white for print of the entire August 8, 1904 puzzle letter from 12-year-old JRR Tolkien to Fr. Francis Morgan, along with a lovely article about it by Denis Bridoux.

Portions of the letter have been seen before, but this is the first time the entirety of it has been published in colour in one place. Thanks of course go to the Tolkien Estate for their permission, and to Catherine McIlwaine for her assistance to Denis.

Well done Denis, and Nancy for this publication. For more information, to subscribe, or to order back issues, contact Nancy Martsch at

[EDIT] correction for all formats being in colour.

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15 Oct, 2020
2020-10-15 1:41:00 PM UTC
Thank you for the details on this. I have neglected to read Beyond Bree in the past so have sent an email about the latest issue and a subscription.
15 Oct, 2020
2020-10-15 8:33:27 PM UTC
Thanks for the notice! - but a slight correction. Normally paper "Beyond Bree" is in black and white. But we knew this would be something special, so we have reproduced the rebus letter in colour in the Oct'20 paper issue. The rest of the issue is black and white.
Nancy Martsch, Editor "Beyond Bree"
15 Oct, 2020
2020-10-15 8:42:27 PM UTC
Thanks for the correction dis!
17 Oct, 2020
2020-10-17 6:41:53 AM UTC
Can we order it from France and pay with paypal ?
17 Oct, 2020
2020-10-17 11:14:13 AM UTC
I emailed BB about this specific issue and a future subscription and am yet to hear back. Maybe dis could post the details here for all to see?
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