This is something that I meant to ask/bring up but kept forgetting, though remembered now to make a post!

There is a paperback boxed set of The Lord of the Rings, in 3 books (the black ones - for the 50th anniversary they were white and the Companion also existed in that format, and came in the boxed set), that has an error on the slipcase.

This is how it goes:

- The set was apparantly published in 2007 (though I don't have the ISBN for the set, though I'd imagine it would be '9780261102385')
- The HarperCollins logo on the bottom of the spines is coloured for the editions in this set, in accordance to the respective book (for earlier editions, it was silver, then coloured, and now I'm certain it's white). For example: The Fellowship of the Ring's spine has a yellow HarperCollins logo, The Two Towers has a red one, and The Return of the King is green)

I needed to offer some context first. Now, for the error:

Typically, in this design style, The Fellowship of the Ring has a yellow ring, The Two Towers has a red one, and The Return of the King has a green one on the covers. However, I've seen a few sets a few years ago, where they got these colours wrong on the slipcase. If memory serves, the design & colours are:

-The Two Towers 'imagery' (Nazgul and Ring inscription) is green, while the correct colour is red

For the other two imagery and colours combinations, I forget if it goes:
- The 'Ring and Eye' device with red, while the correct colour is yellow
- The Throne of Gondor associated having a yellow ring, while the correct colour is green

- The 'Ring and Eye' device is properly coloured (yellow), while it was the Nazul & inscription + The Throne of Gondor colours that got swapped.

I'm curious if anyone here has this set, and if they do, what the 'wrong' colours are on the box