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Original Gollum Ink Illustration 1969?

26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 3:43:47 PM UTC

Hi guys I have come across a great original Gollum pen & ink illustration from 1969 that I don’t have any other information for! Can anyone help? It is signed but I’m awful at reading signatures!

What do you think? Thanks!

5121_5fbfcd160e2f8.jpeg 737X988 px

5121_5fbfcd160e8f4.jpeg 750X324 px
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 4:26:23 PM UTC
This could mean ‘Fabian’
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 5:26:34 PM UTC

Ithildin wrote:

This could mean ‘Fabian’

That’s also how I read the signature.

And welcome Jamesviba7!
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 5:39:55 PM UTC
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 5:54:48 PM UTC
I wonder if this Stephen Fabian is Steve Fabian who had artwork in Mythlore? This image is familiar to me but I can't locate where it is from but it definitely has a Steve Fabian style to it.

EDIT: The article refers to him as Stephen and Steve so clearly is the same artist.

I have a recollection of this image from a journal, I will keep looking.
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 5:58:34 PM UTC
This may not be from 1969 but a numbered print 5 of 69, not sure in this case.
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 6:01:08 PM UTC
The style seems a good match with Stephen Fabian, and he was illustrating from 1965 onward and has done other Middle-earth related art, definitely. Sadly, the "Contact me" form on his website is broken.
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 6:15:19 PM UTC
It’s definitely a pen & ink original drawing..
26 Nov, 2020
2020-11-26 6:17:15 PM UTC
Shame the contact is isn’t working on his website!
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