I'm tolkien collector as others ;) on this site :)

I like to collect Tolkien books (1st edition, or illustrated) in other languages than English. Especially "The Hobbit" and LotR.

During years of collecting, searching for better copies and exchanges with others collectors I have in my collection few itmes which I can sell or trade for some others Tolkien books.

At this moment there is:
Lord of the Rings - 1st Hungarian Edition published in 1981 (hardbacks with dustjackets)

Lord of the Rings - 1st Czech Edition published in 1991 (hardbacks with dustjackets)

If you are interested to collect these editions then please PM me :)

If you have some other 1st LotR (in foreign language) or "The Hobbit" (funny or originally illustrated) editions to sell or to show then please post here (or again PM me) :)