Hello and welcome to 2021 - where I hope to have more of these live get-togethers for TCG members to hang out, put faces (and some rarities) to names, and just generally have fun.

Due to us covering the literal globe (time-zone wise), it seems that the window we went for last time worked well
• 8.00am (Sunday), New Zealand Standard Time (UTC+13)
• 6.00am (Sunday), Australia Eastern Daylight Time (UTC+11)
• 9.00pm, Eastern European Time (UTC+2)
• 8.00pm, Central European Time (UTC+1)
• 7.00pm, Greenwich Mean Time/Western European Time (UTC)
• 4.00pm, Brasilia time (UTC-3)
• 2.00pm, Eastern Time (UTC-5)
• 1.00pm, Central Time (UTC-6)
• 12 noon, Mountain Time (UTC-7)
• 11.00am, Pacific Time (UTC-8)

For the Zoom link, head on over to this post (viewable only if you are logged in).

N.B. I will also be hosting a Tolkien Society event two weeks later, March 13th, with special guest Ted Nasmith dropping in to discuss his new Illustrated Silmarillion. Look for an announcement from them imminently, and be sure to be a TS member if you want to attend that one!