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Goblin Feet (April Fools)

1 Apr, 2021 (edited)
2021-4-1 5:56:25 AM UTC

Following my reading of Goblin Feet for Tolkien Reading Day, I found out today that HarperCollins are planning to release a SuperDeluxe edition of the poem.

This will be full leather edition and limited to fifty copies world-wide. It is scheduled for release in exactly one years time and will only be for sale on the morning of that day.

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1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:02:57 AM UTC
Do we know the colour of the ribbon marker? ?
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:12:38 AM UTC
Looks like the ribbon marker will be a new colour for HarperCollins, Sky Blue Pink.
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:18:21 AM UTC
Awesome. Sounds like the chance of getting a copy is less than zero...

Oh wait, It is the morning of that day in April for you guys.

I did wonder about a one page poem having any kind of edition.
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:20:48 AM UTC
Unless it is signed/numbered I’m going to have to pass.
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:21:37 AM UTC
Ribbon marker would be dayglo orange, obviously.
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:29:25 AM UTC
I wonder if it is feasible to create a small slipcase for it!
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:30:55 AM UTC

Ecthelion wrote:

I wonder if it is feasible to create a small slipcase for it!

Of course. The buckram slipcase alone is worth £95 (and will look like the slot on a DVD player)
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 6:31:42 AM UTC
It will be signed apparently by 12 goblins dressed as dwarves
1 Apr, 2021
2021-4-1 8:51:09 AM UTC
I’ve already found 37 problems in the ebook due out the same morning.
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