Hi all,

I've often seen "two things kill books: sunlight and humidity." I've never seen or encountered a book actually destroyed by sunlight, but I have seen some turn yellow or brown from it.

So, now the nice and warmer weather is coming, which means time to turn off the furnaces. However, it's too early to put on the A/C just yet. It's always good to let your house air out a bit. My wife isn't too fond of living on recycled air 365 (combination of furnace and A/C)

Which brings me to my topic.

During the warmer months, but before you put the A/C on for pretty much the whole summer, what do you do to keep humidity at bay as best as you can? For instance, if there's a nice week, but 2-3 days of it are humid, would you suggest having the windows open to circulate the air; or, would it be best to keep the humidity out by keeping the windows shut? (which may lead to the air being stuff or stale).

I should add that when we do put the A/C on, it's usually for a prolonged period of time (no less than a week) and not at a 'cool' temperature, but 'on' to ....well, condition the air.

Also, I have a tower fan where I keep my books, and the room across from it also has a tower fan.So a cross-breeze can happen (as well as if the windows are open).

Thanks so much for your input, I look forward to seeing how others in various parts of the world keep a balance of home comfort and your collections good.

Oh, I live in Ontario, Canada, by the way.