Dear fellow collectors,

Here is a question for you all. Can you please help me out. At the section "Collecting Tolkien Books" of the Tolkien Library I wish to have a category "Collector Profiles (or examples)" where i will feature you and your collection... a way to help other collectors start doing what we do. I wish to give you all a chance to tell about your passion and send me some nice pics. I'll put the collector profiles on line, and link to your website and to special pages at your sites when needed.

Please send your profiles and pics to [email protected]

I was thinking to work this way; i ask everybody the same questions (like a Q&A and you send me the answers and piccies.

So here we go:
Tell us a little about yourself?
How did you get started in collecting?
What do you collect?
How big is your collection?
What has been your greatest find so far?
Tell us about your Web site (if you have any)?
What does collecting mean to you?

Hope to have some people take there time and help me out... i'll post every uploaded profile in this thread. Looking forward to your answers! Time to get to know each other :D