The Shaping of Middle-earth. 1988. First Paperback EditionThe latest update at is largely concerned with the History of Middle-earth section of the site. While there are no new editions, all entries have been updated to the new style and format and details of the latest paperback impressions added.

A new page has been added to the Articles section to compliment this update to the bibliography. A Guide to the Contents of The History of Middle-earth gives details of the contents of each volume in the series. Each entry begins with a transcription of the tengwar inscription present on the title page and is followed by a list of the contents, starting with the frontispiece if present, all the way through to the Index. The content of each chapter is indicated by the title, and any additional items of interest are listed afterwards.

The Tolkien Calendars article has been amended. The changes are restricted to the table showing when you can re-use your old calendars - somehow a couple of errors had crept in there. This year you can re-use the 1980 Bakshi Film Calendar which is only usable once every 28 years!