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Tolkien in Rimini (Tree of Tales Virtual Exhibition Tour)

20 Aug, 2021 (edited)
2021-8-20 11:20:08 PM UTC

Thanks to one of archive friends for sending the link. Over at there is a virtual tour and exhibition taking place called Tolkien in Rimini.

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21 Aug, 2021
2021-8-21 5:52:06 AM UTC
It does not appear to work at the moment, looks like they may still be completing the content.
26 Aug, 2021
2021-8-26 8:09:30 AM UTC
This is one of those occasions where the 'linguistic barrier' keeps people away from participating in what seems to be an outstanding exhibition and conference. They do some stuff in English, sure, but who in the rest of the world has heard of this?

Should have gone there, damn it.

At least they do have some videos up!
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