Three lots that look like they come from a book dealer (large quantities of the same books).

Can see this being bought and the duplicate copies being sold on eBay by a dealer, or if people here are interested these could be bought by a consortium from this site.

Lot 1701

A box containing a collection of 14 first edition hardback copies of The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien together with 6 second impressions hardback copies of the same book.

Estimate £50-£80 ... tm_content=lot-image-link

Lot 1702

Two boxes of JRR Tolkien hardback books including four first editions of The Silmarillion.

Estimate £50-£80 ... tm_content=lot-image-link

Lot 1703

Two boxes of JRR Tolkien paperback books.

Estimate £30-£40 ... tm_content=lot-image-link