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19 Nov, 2021
2021-11-19 12:53:14 AM UTC

Falkor wrote:

Mr. Underhill wrote:

Falkor wrote:

This probably is not the best place for this, but noticed it was on the front page.

I know about the print on demand versions, but are those only available to ship in the UK?

I tried to order to ship to Texas but it didn’t work out. offers free shipping to the UK and paid international shipping. Can you clarify what you mean by it not working out for you? I recently ordered the POD HoME index to ship to the US and didn't have a problem placing an order.

There must have been issues with the site when I checked last week. I forget which book I was on and put in my address and it said they could not ship.

And now I’m checking and several books have a 404 error

HC is experiencing supply chain issues just like most other major retailers, which is why some of their books are shown as unavailable to order. Or the site could be experiencing issues. Seems to the be working fine for me after a quick check. But ya, some are not up for order at this time. HC is the only dealer you can get these POD. However if you are not concerned with getting 1st prints, you can find the volumes on the second hand market for reasonable prices if you are patient.

If all else fails, shoot them an email or call them.
19 Nov, 2021
2021-11-19 12:54:23 AM UTC

Stu wrote:

The site has been broken for ages with regards to ordering HoME PODs. You would be better just phoning them. They used to give a discount for big orders of these, for which you would need to phone them anyway.

Thanks for the great tip!

And I’m mixing the 2 issues up.

The Tolkien site had the 404 errors and HC would not ship to Texas and I take advantage of the sale.
19 Nov, 2021
2021-11-19 9:00:49 PM UTC
HC are doing a BF 40% off deal at the moment - works out a tidy saving if you are buying HoME editions.
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