Hullo, folks,

I have tried to find out whether we do have something like a 'bibliography' on art inspired by Tolkien but I couldn't find anything. I am quite sure many of you will have books by Lee and/or Howe but I would love to dig a little deeper - I was recently reminded of Warriors & Warlords by Angus McBride (2002), talking to Joel Merriner on Twitter.

Let's face it - if there are such publications most of them are out of print so finding out about them isn't really that easy. You always need to know what you are looking for in order to find it, right?

Would it be worth some time and effort to collect such titles? I'd be happy to do the 'writing-up' in this first post if you feel like sharing titles you have or have heard about.

[P.S. We might just wait for a book from Joel Merriner or Marie Bretagnolle to come out then we would have the perfect bibliography but until then... !]

Nota bene: With some artists the number of publications is so large and some of them are so old that reliable information on the books' content cannot be found. I'll try to the find best ones out there.

Tolkien-inspired artists with stand-alone publications

  • Tolkien Tapestry by Cor Blok 9780007437986 [HarperCollins, 2011]
  • The Tolkien Years of the Brothers Hildebrandt 9781606903490 [Dynamite Entertainment, 2012]
  • Tolkienography by Jay Johnstone [privately published, 2019]
  • The Art of Ruth Lacon: Illustrations Inspired by the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien 9780955190001 [ADC Books, 2005]
  • A Middle-earth Album: Paintings by Joan Wyatt 9780500271582 [Thames & Hudson, 1979]
  • Middle-earth: Journeys in Myth and Legend by Donato Giancola 9781506710860 [Dark Horse Books, 2019]
  • Beyond Time and Place: The Art of Paul Raymond Gregory 9780957309500 [Studio 54 Publications, 2012]
  • Garlands of Fantasy: The Art of Linda and Roger Garland 9781850283447 [Paper Tiger, 1994]
  • The Illustrated Hobbit, Michael Hague 9780395520215 [Houghton Mifflin, 1984]

Tolkien art anthologies

  • Tolkien's World 9780261102767 [HarperCollins, 1992]
  • Realms of Tolkien 9780061055324 [Harper Voyager, 1996]
  • Tolkien Scrapbook/ A Tolkien Treasury 9780448164557 [Running Press, 1978]
  • Tolkien's Middle-Earth and Monsters Postcard Book: A Book of 40 Postcards 9780007142590 [HarperCollins, 2002; Lee & Howe]
  • A Tolkien Bestiary by David Day 9780345282835 [Ballantine Books/ Mitchell Beazley, 1979] Still the single best art anthology - by far.

Publications containing work of Tolkien-inspired artists

  • Journeys 2016-2019 by Jenny Dolfen [privately published, 2019]
  • Kirk's Works: An Index of the Art of Tim Kirk 9780960327614 [Heresy Press, 1980]
  • Michael Whelan's Works of Wonder 978-0-345-32679-9 [Del Rey, 1987] The Eagles are coming
  • Testament: A Celebration of the Life & Art of Frank Frazetta 9781887424622 [Underwood Books, 2001] 5+ illustrations
  • The Art of Stephen Hickman 9781783298457 [Titan Books, 2015] 15 illustrations + essay by Hickman
  • Wings of Twilight: The Art of Michael Kaluta 9781561632763 [NBM Publishing, 2001]
  • The Rodney Matthews Portfolio 9781585028137 [Paper Tiger, 1990]

Well-known artists without any stand-alone publications

Inger Edelfeldt

Film-related art

  • The Film Book of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings 9780345281395 [Ballantine Books, 1978] Bakshi film art