Please accept my apologies for linking the DRivel but I thought it might be interesting to see that a) some people don't really know their stuff and b) still manage to get it shared.

These are the world's most expensive fantasy novel collections - do you own one?

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Now, I hope I am not mistaken that the figures used are absolute nonsense? I wanted to cross-check their stats and found - nothing.

Three things:

1, this piece of "news" is shared only on tabloid pages so far.
2. the "source" is an airsoft gun and accessories dealer.
3. the "source material" is not made available but seems to have been shipped to the tabloids in a high security, self-detonating suitcase.

And still people will read this the world over. sigh

I seriously hate Online Marketing 101:

Simply invent shit on popular topics - it will drive interest in your products!