Good evening everyone,
It is with great pleasure that I come to announce that the project, born years ago and on which I have been working for months (well, yes I'm quite bad at creating the site structure), has finally materialized

I'll go straight to the point:
- the only existing French site (thanks to Elrond for this precious help and this incredible SEO work) is no longer updated and seems outdated to me because it lacks important details regarding the content and visuals
- thanks to Deagol and Berelach for their sites which have been a permanent source of inspiration for years
- the site is online but still under construction (and for a long time) so you will notice that only the most important editions of the main works in French are already available
- in the long term, each edition will have, in addition to the exterior photos, photos of the interior content as well as a specific dedicated video

There you go, I think you know everything ! Here is the link and enjoy your visit : Les Archives de Tolkien
I hope you will like it !
Please feel free to ask questions or give your opinion and advice, it can only help me improve the site

PS: As you can see, there will be a part for the British editions but this one will be quite limited and only devoted to certain major editions which could be of interest to French collectors who do not frequent international sites (