The first eight episodes of the series will take place in New Zealand, where the films were originally produced.

British fans can swoon with glee as it was recently revealed that season two would be shot in the UK in an all-new facility.

Dan Grabiner, Head of UK Originals at Amazon, told and other press outlets at Amazon’s Prime Video Presents 2022 event: “Lord of the Rings, (we’re) super excited.

“The Rings of Power, it’s coming to Prime Video and launching on September 2 globally.”

He shared: “It’s a really exciting moment for millions of fans across the globe and then selfishly from us in the UK.

“We’re excited that season two production is coming home to the UK so that’s a really exciting moment.

“And I think another kind of expression of our belief and admiration for the industry here and the craftsmanship and the creative infrastructure that the UK has.

“I think we should also recognize that the last couple of years has been very tough making film and television, especially some of the bigger scale scripted shows in particular through Covid.”

Grabiner continued: “So we are very very lucky to have worked with some brilliant, brilliant production partners who have kept the shows going and figured out clever ways of working all over the country.

“We looked at the footprint of our production in the UK and it’s literally everywhere. A lot in the highlands in Scotland, we filmed at the very tip of Cornwall. We’re very proud of that."

The Amazon boss revealed: “A big milestone of that is us taking a long lease and building a big new studio in Shepperton.

“We’re gonna continue filming everywhere and partnering with different studio spaces across locations but having a long-term state of the art home for Amazon Studios in the UK is brilliant."

He concluded: “And it’s not just UK originals we make here, some of Amazon’s biggest global originals will call the UK home, like Lord of the Rings will do this year.” ... zon-update-Rings-of-Power