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15 Jun, 2022
2022-6-15 8:15:23 AM UTC
It was a bit of a messy release even before Covid and the publishers imprint change but I can tell you this, the US release has better images than what we have in the UK. The resolution is much better in some cases.
15 Jun, 2022
2022-6-15 3:02:38 PM UTC
I'm in (somewhat regular) contact with the HarperCollins USA team, which is using the Mariner imprint for Tolkien titles in the USA going forward. The plan has always been to release all twelve volumes of the History of Middle-earth in eBook format, and it is proceeding, but I am sure there are complications caused by the acquisition of the US market from Houghton Mifflin last year. I will see if I can get an updated status.
15 Jun, 2022
2022-6-15 5:07:27 PM UTC
I was hoping for all in one version. But I'd like it with volume 0 - UT and volume 13 - Nature of M-e.
15 Jun, 2022
2022-6-15 7:40:18 PM UTC

Stu wrote:

Mariner/William Morrow are all the same publisher at this point and HMH is basically a different company (HarperCollins didn't buy that imprint). All highly confusing - but I imagine if you contact Mariner or William Morrow they would likely be able to help you with regards to when things might become available. tbh, even HarperCollins might be worth a shot. I can't imagine Peoples wouldn't get a Kindle release in the US.

Looks like William Morrow and Mariner are imprints of Harper Collins... the Harper Collins website allows searches to be constrained to their various imprints, and those are among them (along with about a dozen variations on "Harper" and/or "Collins"). "History of Middle Earth" publications of any kind are a bit sparse on the HC website. A keyword search turns up everything involving "Tolkien" (not just from that particular series of books), as well as a large volume of apparently unrelated stuff. But eBook/Kindle editions of volumes 6/7/8/9 are listed there. No information on volumes 10/11/12.

I have emailed them (they don't make that particularly easy, you have to rummage the fine print). We will see what ensues.

5 Jul, 2022
2022-7-5 12:58:58 AM UTC

acapela wrote:

I have emailed them (they don't make that particularly easy, you have to rummage the fine print). We will see what ensues.

Emailed repeatedly, checked my spam folders for replies, etc... no joy. I am left with the inescapable conclusion that Harper Collins, for all practical purposes, does not respond to consumer inquiries (despite providing the means, and inviting such inquiries, albeit buried down in the "fine print" on their website). It seems we will get what we get, if/when they feel like it. Frustrating, disappointing, etc.

Found electronic editions of History of Middle Earth on the "Rakuten Kobo" website... they also seem to be touchy about selling to American billing addresses.

In general, given Harper Collins' apathetic disregard and the weird special case the American market has cryptically become, I am sorely tempted to forego any further interest in publications from Harper Collins (whether print, electronic, or whatever), and stick strictly to some other means of obtaining their titles... preowned/used copies of print editions exclusively, perhaps. The forthcoming "The Fall of Numenor" (from William Morrow, a Harper Collins imprint) seems like a good place to start. Possibly harmful to authors... perhaps they could opt to publish through imprints that actually make their work available to readers?

My $0.02.
5 Jul, 2022
2022-7-5 9:30:53 PM UTC
I'm not following all of your logic here acapela.

I do agree that the general HarperCollins contact address is spotty at best for customer support - not unusual for such a large company. They should definitely reply to you! Hopefully they eventually will.

The (legitimate) eBooks for History of Middle-earth are sold with regional rights - so an American publisher can sell in the USA, a different publisher in Japan, and so on. You are not "allowed" to buy an eBook from a seller in a different region than you are in. From your other comments, it sounds like you are in the USA, like me - and we need to wait for them to be released here, which they will, eventually.

The Fall of Númenor is being released by HarperCollins in the UK, and by their imprint (probably William Morrow, but that remains to be confirmed) in the USA, and other publishers in other countries.
20 Aug, 2022 (edited)
2022-8-20 3:10:00 PM UTC
Errata for UK kindle version:

HoMe 2: Narn p. 8o>Narn p. 80

HoMe 5: D0Ȝ>DOȜ, 3AR>ȜAR, 3AN>ȜAN, ta3na>taȝna

HoMe 11: shOrcs>shores, Nulukkhizdin>Nulukkhizdīn

There are many more but I forgot to make a complete list.
9 Sep, 2022
2022-9-9 2:26:52 PM UTC
Dear Urulókë,

Have you happen to have heard anything more from your contacts on the schedule for the US release of the remainder of the History of Middle Earth in Kindle format? I'm very eager to give them my money :)

Andy P.
26 Dec, 2022
2022-12-26 3:21:42 PM UTC
Errata for UK kindle version of HoMe 12:

†f>†, IV165>IV.165, IV309>IV.309, XL409>XI.409, LR165>LR I 65, S.R.I>S.R.l, ElendiL>Elendil, ThingoPs>‘Thingol’s, ThingoL>Thingol, FeinieL>Feiniel, GooW>¶Goold, Yandunë>Yandūnë, Adúnar)>Adúnar], Eowyn>Éowyn, stōr->stór-, changed to Zilbirāpha>changed to Zilbarāpha, Eomer>Éomer, c&.>&c., rässe>rassë, turak>tûrak, Grishnakh>Grishnákh, yën>yén, Nocoirë>Nócoirë, Akallabeth>Akallabêth, Manwe>Manwë, Eressea>Eressëa, Eresséa>Eressëa, Earendil>Eärendil, Arminaleth>Arminalêth, Beor>Bëor, Anadûnë>Anadûnê, Númenorean>Númenórean, Númenôrean>Númenórean, Niimenorean>Númenórean, Numenôr>Númenor, Númenór>Númenor, Andûnië>Andúnië, Andînië>Andunië, Avallone>Avallónë, Anarion>Anárion, Earendel>Ëarendel, Barad-dür>Barad-dûr, p. 175>175, VI. 169>VI.169, Annuminas>Annúminas, Amon Sul>Amon Sûl, Amon Súl>Amon Sûl, Hurin>Húrin, Turin>Túrin, Nazgul>Nazgûl, fiomer>Éomer, fiadig>Éadig, fiotheod>Éothéod, Ndr>Nár, Khuzdul>Khuzdûl, -we>-wë, Irissë>Írissë, artaher->artahēr-, Eldalote>Eldalótë, Peredil>Pereðil, Tuna>Túna, Pcommanding>?commanding, Ingwe>Ingwë, Elwe>Elwë, Vaire>Vairë, syllabic w>syllabic Ñ, Elenwe>Elenwë, Itarille>Itarillë, Alqualonde>Alqualondë, Kdno>Káno, russa>russā, Elured and Elurin>Eluréd and Elurín, Eldun and Elrun>Eldún and Elrún, Azrubel>Azrubêl, Turamhar>Turambar, Nōwë>Nōwē, Æfwine>Ælfwine, Iluvatar >Ilúvatar, XVII XVII>XVII
[Chap.IV note 12] 20 21 22>27 28 29
The Heirs of Elendil: missing "died" before 1621, 1636, 1798, 1850, 1936, 1998, 2080, 2477, 2743, 2811, 2984

Also, there are 4 more differences between the ebook and the book where I think the book is in err instead, so here is errata for the print version of HoMe12:
p.108: (see p. 101)>(see p. 106)
p.122: where the reform was adopted>where the reform was not adopted
p.286: Dúrin>Durin
p.404: massánie>massánië
11 May, 2023
2023-5-11 4:34:08 PM UTC
Release dates for US HoMe Kindle editions

Morgoth's Ring
Publisher : Mariner Books (June 13, 2023)
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Morgoth's Ring: The Later Silmarillion, Part One: The Legends of Aman
Tolkien, Christopher
(Kindle Edition)
Availability: Now

The War of the Jewels
Publisher : Mariner Books (June 13, 2023)
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The War of the Jewels: The Later Silmarillion, Part Two
Tolkien, Christopher
(Kindle Edition)
Availability: Now

Peoples of Middle-Earth
Publisher : Mariner Books (June 13, 2023)
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The Peoples of Middle-earth
Tolkien, J.R.R.
(Kindle Edition)
Availability: Now
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