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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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Guide to Tolkien's Letters
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29 Jun, 2022 (edited)
2022-6-29 8:39:51 AM UTC
29 Jun, 2022
2022-6-29 9:16:08 AM UTC
Perfect, thanks!
5 Jul, 2022
2022-7-5 1:20:40 PM UTC
Hello, I just signed up because of this doc!

I noted a couple of words in the doc:
having (page 3) > services
evil (page 4) > evil intent
treaty (page 5) > troth

I'll go through the other pages later and see if anything else jumps out.
6 Jul, 2022
2022-7-6 1:39:13 AM UTC
Thanks, I've updated them accordingly.
8 Jul, 2022
2022-7-8 2:56:56 AM UTC
Finally catching up on various threads, and this one needed some cleanup, sorry! The text of the documents is still under copyright and shouldn't be published without permission from the Estate.
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