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23 Aug, 2022
2022-8-23 5:27:45 PM UTC
‘Our hearts even bigger than our feet…’ ??
23 Aug, 2022
2022-8-23 6:09:29 PM UTC

onthetrail wrote:

Eorl the Young wrote:

I agree 100%. The visuals are stunning and it all looked like spectacular high fantasy, but the music was simply a ridiculous choice, especially after they’ve just released the entire season 1 soundtrack!

Which is excellent. But Urulókë points out over on Twitter regards the lyrics. They have chosen it for the themes rather than the song itself. But still, may as well throw in some thrash metal while they are at it

I am totally down for seeing a thrash metal version of the trailer (but not in the TV show, please!) I also don't think this trailer song has anything to do with the show itself, and it (hopefully) doesn't fit the tone of the show at all.

From my little exposure to the trailer-making business, I expect the team making the trailer had no cross-pollination with the show creatives at all. Typical not just for Amazon. I wouldn't be surprised if Jeff Bezos liked the song and insisted it be used ?
26 Aug, 2022
2022-8-26 7:52:24 AM UTC
"The wait is almost over."

14 May (edited)
2024-5-14 12:20:52 PM UTC
14 May
2024-5-14 3:42:31 PM UTC
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