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29 Nov, 2022
2022-11-29 9:16:57 PM UTC

Mr. Underhill wrote:

Really glad the homework we did on this one paid off!

I’ll say!
7 Dec, 2022
2022-12-7 2:07:53 AM UTC
I don't have anything super fancy to show off this week other than in this day and age I got this 1/1 EX+ Silmarillion for $15... shipped lol. For what I see people paying for them recently I felt like I won the day! The Hobbit is my 3rd Longmans but my first 1/1. Enjoy!

5552_638ff4cd853fa.jpg 1536X2048 px

5552_638ff5333477c.jpg 1536X2048 px

5552_638ff5474ea0e.jpg 1536X2048 px

5552_638ff5624c6c9.jpg 1536X2048 px
8 Dec, 2022 (edited)
2022-12-8 3:03:12 AM UTC
Received the Klett Kotta author-illustrated Silm today. Appears, like their LotR, to be another good quality item. Obviously more expensive (RRP 88 EUR)than the UK trade (52 EUR), but also correspondingly better. Still contains a bunch of irrelevant pictures, but can't blame 'em for that.

228_639160cddac42.jpg 2016X1512 px
14 Dec, 2022
2022-12-14 12:34:42 AM UTC
New York Release CoH. Red blocks added just to avoid any relatively hi-res bookplate imagery being inadvertently made available.

228_639919ebd9e08.jpg 2016X1512 px

228_639919fe205ac.jpg 2016X1512 px
14 Dec, 2022
2022-12-14 7:50:31 AM UTC
Happy to finally add this to my collection:

205_6399804272b15.jpg 4032X3024 px
14 Dec, 2022
2022-12-14 8:02:35 AM UTC
Nice Stu ! The genuine ones are not so easy to find.
And congrats Éarendel !
14 Dec, 2022
2022-12-14 6:31:32 PM UTC

Emilien wrote:

Nice Stu ! The genuine ones are not so easy to find.
And congrats Éarendel !

Indeed. I've seen quite a few fakes for sale over the years. I don't think you can be sure about one of these until you see it in person and look at the plate under magnification. I'm definitely happy that this is a legitimate one. Most of the fakes I have seen are pretty obvious copies, but I don't doubt there are also competent ones out there.
14 Dec, 2022
2022-12-14 11:50:23 PM UTC
Congrats Stu and Eärendil!

I realized I hadn’t shared anything recently - here’s a shot of the “recent arrivals” prior to being shelved. That Amazon 3:2 sale tempted me!

1_639a613fc6b25.jpeg 4032X1608 px
15 Dec, 2022
2022-12-15 9:10:57 AM UTC
Very nice. I’ve just ordered that updated Tolkien at Exeter College myself.

Tolkien at Exeter College 2022 cover SMALL.jpeg
15 Dec, 2022
2022-12-15 9:27:57 AM UTC
Thank you, @Huan68 and Urulókë! I was not aware of this updated publication.
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