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11 Feb, 2023
2023-2-11 11:40:38 AM UTC
Thanks Remy. And I agree with you on price. So many times I have held back on something which seemed overpriced only to see the price go up, never down.
11 Feb, 2023
2023-2-11 1:38:44 PM UTC
Yes, it does look like it just came out from the publisher. Congrats! It's in better shape than my set.
11 Feb, 2023
2023-2-11 2:19:58 PM UTC
Thanks Mr Underhill. You can still smell the print
12 Feb, 2023
2023-2-12 2:08:02 AM UTC
Very nicely done Quicksilver
I have the same set and I love it. I bought it when it first appeared and have not regretted it one bit. Enjoy this great set.
12 Feb, 2023
2023-2-12 8:09:09 AM UTC
That looks a great set. No sign of the red on the spines fading? You’ve not shown that angle.
12 Feb, 2023 (edited)
2023-2-12 8:57:02 AM UTC
Thanks Orfewspearl and Huan.

There is no fading of the red spines and they are still bright and vibrant. I saw some posts on this forum where the red spines had faded to white and were being sold as a special "white edition". I don't believe there is any record of a "white edition" being published. As the red spines are prone to fading I plan to store them on my shelf facing inwards. The back of the slipcase is any event very classy.

Here are some photos showing the spines.

There is just a slight bow to the box where the CD was stored, which you can see in the photo below. because of this I'm going to store the CD seperately.

5175_63e8aacbdf343.jpg 1390X1600 px

5175_63e8aacbdf860.jpg 1437X1600 px

5175_63e8ac57078a0.jpeg 1304X1600 px
12 Feb, 2023
2023-2-12 9:14:12 AM UTC
Great stuff, they look fabulous.
13 Feb, 2023
2023-2-13 11:50:22 PM UTC
Newest addition to the collection under The Hill. A HoughtonMifflin 50th anniversary promotion Lord of the Rings post card from 2004. Was originally intended to go along with this volume.

I’ll have to slip it into mine now.

5058_63eacc1e8b18e.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5058_63eacc1e8c043.jpeg 4032X3024 px
14 Feb, 2023
2023-2-14 6:35:10 AM UTC
Nice memorabilia ! I like that kind of things
14 Feb, 2023 (edited)
2023-2-14 1:18:15 PM UTC

Emilien wrote:

Nice memorabilia ! I like that kind of things

Thanks Emilien I showed it to Urulókë and he reminded me that he has a shoebox full of postcards like these, but that he didn't have this exact one. Anyone here have one of these by chance?
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