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Digressions in Beowulf

28 Feb
2023/2/28 16:33:49 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia

By Mr. Underhill's request, I’m posting more info about this title, with photos.

The Digressions in Beowulf by Adrien Bonjour. 1950. Medium Ævum Monographs V. (Published for the Society for the
Study of Mediæval Languages and Literature by Basil Blackwell, Broad Street, Oxford.) 80 + xvi pages.

The Tolkien connection is rather remote. In the acknowledgments the author says:

“Finally, I express my gratitude to the many Beowulfian scholars cited in the notes, and particularly to three of the greatest, Prof. Fr.
Klaeber, Prof. J. R. R. Tolkien, and the late Prof. R. W. Chambers.”

If anyone wants a copy I have an eBay listing, but would happily sell direct if you DM me.

[Edit: SOLD]

5109_63fe2c51dd384.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5109_63fe2c5eca283.jpeg 3024X3808 px

5109_63fe2c8410ff8.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5109_63fe2c8412a3e.jpeg 3024X3904 px

5109_63fe2c8414170.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5109_63fe2c8415a0d.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5109_63fe2c8416c57.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5109_63fe2c8417e08.jpeg 4032X3024 px
28 Feb
2023/2/28 17:39:17 (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time, London, Dublin, Lisbon, Casablanca, Monrovia
Thank you Philomythos for the information. Always fascinating to find out about a new Tolkien related volume. Even if it's tertiary. I liked it so much that I bought it
Seller: wintersrb
Ends 2023/6/24 10:15:57
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