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23 Mar, 2023
2023-3-23 4:38:47 AM UTC
I checked "editor-/coheren-" (there are ~2000 changes so it's impossible to go over them) and find a tiny one in 12:142 (perhaps not that useful, as later pages discussing those changes in detail are already included in the list): The Silmarillion text was of course that of B 2 (with the corrections made in C), but as I have said a number of editorial changes were made, for various reasons, but mostly in the quest (somewhat excessively pursued, as I now think) for coherence and consistency with other writings.

oxonianus, thank you for clarifying! Actually I find your list perfectly exhaustive, my search didn't turn up anything really new to add with regard to The Silmarillion.
23 Mar, 2023
2023-3-23 11:22:15 AM UTC
You're welcome! I do like that 'perfectly exhaustive', though I should not have missed having some more additions.

Other than the Nauglamir/Doriath material and the lack of framework—two issues which I've noticed others mention often enough—a number of his 'regrets' aren't terribly regrettable, one might say, particularly when he hadn't the documents to hand while working in the early 1970s. But these do show him to have been a conscientious editor, bringing up such corrections at a much later date, although they haven't been applied to the published text itself. Those are easily enough addressed with a pencil.

These are some typos—I appreciate your own lists of those!—that I caught in my reading through the HM volumes, though there are likely others:
HM 2 58: for Druagluin read Draugluin
HM 11 26 btm parag line 7: for 'struck our later' read 'struck out later'
HM 11 98 line 15 from btm: for 'well-night' read 'well-nigh'
HM 12 283 mid-page: for 'revolving' read 'resolving' [mentioned above]
23 Mar, 2023
2023-3-23 12:46:50 PM UTC
Great! I'd save those for my errata thread when it comes to HoMe
Some typos might be already corrected in later prints. I noticed a few typos in HM 12 1st edition are corrected in the kindle version. Though all the four typos in your list can still be found in the kindle version.
23 Mar, 2023
2023-3-23 1:09:32 PM UTC
Good to know! I read somewhere that various corrections appeared in the trade paperbacks, but then the omnibus hardcovers and the print-on-demand volumes are copies of the first printings, so those are all gone in editions available new, unfortunately.
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