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4 Mar, 2023
2023-3-4 3:01:05 PM UTC
Also (and I think I posted this before) - a hardback set of the Swedish first editions of LOTR is at an auction which ends in a little over 24 hours... ... sh-edition-1959-61-3-vols
4 Mar, 2023
2023-3-4 5:14:37 PM UTC
Inspired by northman I will share my recently completed collection of Swedish editions with cover art by the great Inger Edelfeldt:

Lord of the rings 2nd edition hardback 1978, box set.

Ringens värld 1980 (collecting the appendices, Adventures of T Bombadill, Tree and leaf, Homecoming of Beorth.)

Sil 1979
UT 1982
Bolt1 1986
Bolt2 1988

Paperback LotR 1980
Paperback Sil 1980
Paperback LotR 1983
Farmer Giles 1980

All 1st prints

5168_64037bfad6e92.jpeg 4030X2055 px

5168_64037bfad7d41.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037bfad9071.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037c16cabb4.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037c16cc0f3.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037c16cd8f0.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037c16cf107.jpeg 3024X4032 px

5168_64037c48bb5c6.jpeg 4030X2177 px

5168_64037c48bd2e9.jpeg 2454X3024 px

5168_64037c48be0a0.jpeg 4026X2392 px

5168_64037c48bf2b8.jpeg 3024X4032 px
4 Mar, 2023
2023-3-4 5:35:43 PM UTC
Thank you both for sharing these wonderful pictures of your Swedish editions! More to put on my ever growing wishlist ?
5 Mar, 2023
2023-3-5 12:21:00 PM UTC
Roac: that boxset is a thing of beauty!

And Remy... trust you to find the unusual (2nd printing FotR) :)
5 Mar, 2023
2023-3-5 2:06:07 PM UTC
These editions are really gorgeous
5 Mar, 2023
2023-3-5 7:08:36 PM UTC
There’s a copy of that first softcover edition of The Two Towers (1960) currently on Tradera: ... tr-hobbit-ringarnas-herre

I’d say it’s priced a little high, but it’s a re-listing and didn’t get any bids first time around.
24 Mar, 2023
2023-3-24 2:13:06 PM UTC
I was inspired by recent discussions, of Inger Edelfeldt's beautiful illustrations, to write to her to say how much these mean, and also to ask if she wouldn't mind signing my 1980 FOTR.

I'm pleased to say that she very kindly did so

5570_641dafd06a7c4.jpg 2880X2880 px
24 Mar, 2023
2023-3-24 5:39:47 PM UTC
Thats wonderful Matt. I hope you told her about this thread.
24 Mar, 2023 (edited)
2023-3-24 6:46:52 PM UTC
How do you find such volumes?
25 Mar, 2023
2023-3-25 7:23:32 AM UTC

Arbor wrote:

How do you find such volumes?

You'll be able to find a lot on these sites: (like a Swedish Abebooks) (like a Swedish eBay) (another one like Abebooks, but a bit more slanted to book-selling businesses rather than private sellers)

You can change the language on the first one, for the other two I think it will go to the English page.

If you need any help with searching or anything else, feel free to send me a message.
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