Parma Eldaliéva Special I

I have the pleasure to offer to you a new print of "Parma Eldaliéva Special I"!

This book is a calligraphic Tengwar art transliteration of the Akallabêth, of a description of the island of Númenor, and of the Line of its Kings. It was first printed in the beginning of 2019, in only 50 copies which quickly found their homes. Since then I have been asked repeatedly for new ones, and now I finally arranged a new print.

I worked on the calligraphed originals by hand, with dip pens and brushes, inks and watercolours, with original scripts and styles devised by me especially for the Parma Eldaliéva project. The printed copy is a unique multilayered work of art.

As usual the new print number of copies depends on the number of preorders. You can preorder from today until March 25th at a price of €110 + P&P, and from March 26th to April 25th at a price of €145 + P&P. The print will take place in April and I will despatch the books in May.

TsvetelinaKrumovaElmenel2019ParmaEldalieva3_IISpecI 4.jpg