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7 Jun, 2023
2023-6-7 4:44:07 AM UTC

I asked dunedain to make me some slipcases for my UK 1st Impression Farmer Giles of Ham and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.

Both of these books are signed by the illustrator, worthy of a case.

You can see some examples that can be produced at ... on=browse&category_id=248

10_64800b0dd759a.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_64800b0dd7a27.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_64800b0dd7d1d.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_64800b0dd7f9d.jpg 1620X1080 px
7 Jun, 2023
2023-6-7 5:02:19 AM UTC
Awesome! I really need to order some slipcases myself...
7 Jun, 2023
2023-6-7 6:36:34 AM UTC
Those look great!
8 Jun, 2023
2023-6-8 10:02:41 PM UTC
Really beautiful slipcases!
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