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Newspaper with a report of JRRT's Andrew Lang lecture

12 Jun, 2023
2023-6-12 7:47:01 AM UTC

So being somewhat besotted with On Fairy-Stories, and always looking out for older newspapers, journals and the like with pieces about Tolkien, I was rather excited to pick up a copy of The Scotsman from 9th March 1939 - this has a short piece about the 11th Andrew Lang lecture, delivered by Tolkien the previous evening. A nice little piece of history.

Note how the brief bio that opens the piece makes no mention of The Hobbit.

(I understand that this article, and a longer one from the St. Andrews Citizen on 11th March 1939, were reprinted in Flieger and Anderson's 2008 edition of On Fairy-Stories)

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12 Jun, 2023
2023-6-12 9:08:42 AM UTC
Once again Matt: great find! Congratulations.
12 Jun, 2023
2023-6-12 2:52:43 PM UTC

northman wrote:

Once again Matt: great find! Congratulations.

Thank you Frode!

I was also quite amused to see an adjacent advertisement which recommends giving Lucozade to children to keep their energy levels up ?
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