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26 Jun, 2023
2023-6-26 11:25:18 AM UTC

zionius wrote:

I find her full name here, which leads me to her obituary, which reveals her husband was Jacob Abram Funk, who was from Ukraine. So they seem to unrelated to the publisher family.

That obit certainly offers some clues as to how she amassed such a large collection. Thanks.
1 Dec, 2023 (edited)
2023-12-1 12:14:05 PM UTC

zionius wrote:

sadly I could not find 1925 Who's Who online for comparison

It is now available at ... e/2854/mode/2up?q=tolkien, exactly the same as the form Tolkien filled in. And this is Tolkien's debut: he is not in 1924 Who's Who.

More Who's Who volumes are now available on archive: ... e/3112/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3188/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3148/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3118/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3112/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/2752/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/2734/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/2796/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/2846/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3064/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3052/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3050/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3068/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3066/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3062/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3070/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3096/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3158/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3200/mode/2up?q=tolkien ... e/3240/mode/2up?q=tolkien

Since 1947 or 1946, Tolkien added "Leverhulme Research Fellow, 1934-36" to his CV. However, Companion & Guide says the Fellowship was 1936-8, which is also supported by Letters and Biography.
10 January
2024-1-10 2:48:37 PM UTC
A minor mention of Tolkien, for which I will not start a new thread as zionius first comment says in this thread says "I checked The Internet Archive for all mentions of "Tolkien" before 1937", and this falls into that category close enough.

In Findegil's amazing J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Guide, p. 197 (entry for 'April or May 1936'), they say that "The Rev. Adrian Morey writes to Tolkien. He has discovered an Anglo-Saxon version of the Lord’s Prayer (‘Our Father’) in a manuscript in the British Museum, and asks if it is worth publishing. Tolkien suggests that Morey write an article, which would be useful to students." I had a little look around to see if Rev. Morey worked on such an article, he did not that I could find, rather he published a book, Bartholomew of Exeter, Bishop and Canonist: A study in the Twelfth Century, in 1937. In it he includes the prayer, and a brief mention of Tolkien in his preface, "To many others also are my thanks due, especially.... Professor Tolkien of Pembroke College....".
10 January
2024-1-10 5:21:01 PM UTC
Interesting find, onthetrail! Thanks for sharing.
10 January
2024-1-10 5:48:15 PM UTC
Thank you for the information onthetrail. This is one I had not heard of before now.
10 January (edited)
2024-1-10 6:14:04 PM UTC

remy wrote:

Thank you for the information onthetrail. This is one I had not heard of before now.

My pleasure remy but I am finding more mentions to it in Chronology Findegil's entries for 18 May and 13 September 1936) so any thanks is really theirs really interesting information I had not come across previously. They also mention the article, Pope Francis, J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord’s Prayer.

10 January
2024-1-10 11:59:05 PM UTC
This seems to be the text of the late West Saxon 'Our Father', on this page of the book (and below, for convenience).

Compare with the more commonly referenced OE version at Wikipedia.

5754_659f2d48e962b.png 1576X484 px
18 January
2024-1-18 10:00:01 AM UTC
Not sure if this is the sort of reference you are after or if this is the right place to post it but spotted a Tolkien linked line in 'Rage' by Stephen King p103.

5567_65a8f6979d45a.jpg 2527X933 px

5567_65a8f6979d890.jpg 2084X2311 px
31 January
2024-1-31 8:45:29 AM UTC
A long obituary of Kenneth Sisam by Neil Ker on Proceedings of the British Academy, which mentions "Professor Tolkien has told me how fortunate he considers he was to have been able to go to Sisam’s lectures". Ker probably learnt it from Tolkien's letter 3 years ago (Letter 318): "But this was compensated by a piece of singular good fortune: Sisam became my tutor..."

Memoirs of other academy fellows can be found at ... roceedings-volumes-1-111/
7 April
2024-4-7 2:09:41 AM UTC ... age/n5/mode/2up?q=tolkien

An Additional Meeting, held jointly with the English Association, Leeds and District Branch, was held at the University, Leeds, on January 20th, 1922, when a lecture on “The New English Dictionary” was given by Mr. J. R, R. Tolkien, Reader in English Language in the University of Leeds. The lecture was extraordinarily interesting, and the attendance of members of the Yorkshire Dialect Society was unaccountably poor. Members are not to be congratulated on missing this Opportunity of hearing an account of the aims of the ‘‘N.E.D.” by one who was until lately a distinguished member of its staff of philologists.

Apparently the entry in Chronology is based on the record: “20 January 1922 Tolkien gives a talk on the Oxford English Dictionary to a poorly attended joint meeting of the Yorkshire Dialect Society and the English Association, held at the University of Leeds.”
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