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Tree and Leaf

7 Jul, 2023
2023-7-7 11:58:43 AM UTC

Bought a copy of the 1975 UK hardback,, third from the left in the pictures.

Did not realize that it was a taller book than the previous UK printing,, and it also has a green stain on the top, my 6th impression does not and of course no facsimile signature.

10_64a7fdca8b73c.jpg 1620X1080 px

10_64a7fdca8b7b7.jpg 1620X1080 px
7 Jul, 2023
2023-7-7 1:11:40 PM UTC
Nice collection. The new book looks in very good condition.
7 Jul, 2023
2023-7-7 2:24:01 PM UTC
Very nice Trotter! Also missing the facsimile signature, which is interesting.
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