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Artist name?

21 Sep, 2023 (edited)
2023-9-21 11:15:20 PM UTC

Hello community, I just got these two originals from an auction in the UK. I swear they look familiar to me but cannot place them. The one is labeled Ford of Bruinen on the back. The signature appears to be an MW in connected script, though I could be wrong there. Does anyone know who might have done these lovely little paintings?

4338_650cce51d8900.jpg 488X650 px

4338_650cce5aeb305.jpg 488X650 px

4338_650cce614b856.jpg 850X638 px
22 Sep, 2023
2023-9-22 3:56:40 PM UTC
These look great, so congrats up front, I love them! They look really familiar to me (style-wise) but I haven't been able to pull anything out of my brain yet. I will keep thinking/poking around and hope someone comes up with an answer for you in the meantime.
22 Sep, 2023
2023-9-22 5:08:18 PM UTC
I have asked Joel Merriner on Twitter about this

Interesting, aspects seem familiar...wish I could see the signature/monogram a little clearer, bit too pixelated when I zoom in. Where was the auction, do we know?

22 Sep, 2023
2023-9-22 11:27:20 PM UTC
Same. They look so familiar in style but google has turned up nothing.
22 Sep, 2023
2023-9-22 11:27:57 PM UTC
Thanks for asking. I will try to get a better pic of the initials.
They came from a house called JS Fine Art in the UK.

I should also add they are in great condition but there are signs of age suggesting they aren't made yesterday. The tape used to attach the paper to the back of one of the mats has yellowed, for example.

There is also some handwriting on the one piece I can try to photograph. Definitely looks female to me (as does the style of the art, don't crucify me for saying that :)
23 Sep, 2023
2023-9-23 4:47:19 PM UTC
Here are some more closeups. Thanks

4338_650f16675f858.jpg 1297X523 px

4338_650f166febe95.jpg 558X523 px

4338_650f1680a4da9.png 296X640 px
29 Sep, 2023
2023-9-29 7:07:51 PM UTC
Bumping one last time to get to the front page. Trotter, any other clues??
Thanks in advance.
29 Sep, 2023
2023-9-29 7:16:30 PM UTC
Have heard no more, seems like it will remain a mystery.
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