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Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
By Stu
Shirrif (Moderator)

Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Apr 21, 2009

Disappointing that it doesn't match the existing Deluxe Editions (oval around the JRRT logo, etc), but still looks quite nicely done. Only 34.99 on as a pre-order, which seems pretty good.


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Apr 21, 2009
Stu, I also was unimpressed by the thinner slipcase and flatter spine of the Tales from the Perilous Realm, and at first I thought the flat spine might be more to do with thickness. However, my deluxe LotR even has a more convex spine and it is much much thicker than TftPR. It really is too bad that we live in a time where companies have to compromise on quality in order to make a profit. Of course I will buy this, and will have to be satisfied with what I get, but I would rather pay a couple extra bucks to get a nicer slipcase and finely bound book.
May 1, 2009
The date for the Super-Deluxe will not be announced until at least the 19th May and the Audio Book versions have been put back to the Autumn(Fall) of this year to add more content, according to an email received today from HarperCollins.

May 4, 2009
Here's a photo of the traycase for the Super Deluxe, in case anyone hadn't seen it yet. Pretty nice! Similar color to the '98 Deluxe Illustrated Silmarillion. (However, we all know how the marketing photos of the Super Deluxe CoH looked compared to the actual book - Beware of trick lighting!)

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May 4, 2009
Thanks for posting! I hadn't seen that yet.
May 4, 2009
Yes, the photo was in an email I received from HC exclaiming,

"We are extending the pre-order period until 20th May to allow you more time to reserve your copy of this historic edition of Tolkien's undiscovered masterpiece."

Wow! They have been so generous in affording me this extra time to pre-order! How can I thank them enough? Oh, that's how! By sending them 250GBP per book. I'll take two for that price!

(That sad thing, beneath my sarcasm, is that I had already pre-ordered two copies. )
May 6, 2009
I got my Deluxe Edition today and it does not really look like Stu's Picture.

In fact it is very similiar to the other Deluxe Editions, The Tolkien Logo is the same as on on The Hobbit, LOTR, Children of Hurin, etc. (i.e. not circled), there is no underline between J.R.R. Tolkien and "The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun".

The colour of the binding is also the same as the slipcase in the picture, not the darker book colour.

Also, according to Amazon, the deluxe (or special as it also seems to be called) edition will contain a facsimile page of Tolkien's original manuscript. The regular edition will not contain this.

The regular edition does contain this page
May 8, 2009
I'm wondering of the picture actually shows a standard edition in a deluxe slipcase(?) Perhaps it was a mockup picture taken before the actual deluxes were printed?

Still, good to hear that the new book matches the others. Looking forward to getting an Amazon delivery in the next couple of weeks!

May 8, 2009
I'm wondering of the picture actually shows a standard edition in a deluxe slipcase(?)

Yes, that is exactly what is shown in the picture, I didn't spot that.

I had time this morning to take some pictures of the actual book.

10_4a03c56fb98e3.jpg 821X768 px

10_4a03c584904d0.jpg 1024X768 px

10_4a03c5942781b.jpg 1024X768 px

10_4a03c5a40585c.jpg 1024X768 px

10_4a03c5b947b58.jpg 465X1024 px

10_4a03c5c8a23bb.jpg 628X1024 px
May 8, 2009
Great photos, Trotter. I have been curious to see the book, but have to wait a few more days for mine to arrive in the US. says not until May 15, but I am hopeful it will be at least a little earlier. Anyway, thanks for posting!

I'm relieved to see that it matches the other books better than had been expected. Do you think that Harper Collins needs to hear some feedback regarding their photos? It seems that they consistently release photos of their new deluxe editions that are slightly misleading. I know that many were disappointed when the Super Deluxe CoH did not really look like the photos they posted, and the photos for this book in particular, might deter people who want it to match the rest of their set (not realizing, of course, that it really does match). I know that there are always clammorings for 'sneak-peeks' at the new editions, but if I were David Brawn, I would not release marketing photos until I had something that was accurately representative.
May 8, 2009
One more thought..... from a discussion earlier in this thread.

It looks like the final version does incorporate the same flat spine and thinner slipcase boards as the TftPR. Judging from Trotter's photos, I would guess that it was put together by the same binders as the TftPR. Can this be confirmed?
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