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9 Nov, 2023 (edited)
2023-11-9 8:03:25 PM UTC

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9 Nov, 2023
2023-11-9 8:06:55 PM UTC
I am interested, definitely! I bought the original French edition that came out a few years ago, glad it is getting translated. ... t_id=23074#forumpost23074

9 Nov, 2023
2023-11-9 8:18:21 PM UTC
9 Nov, 2023
2023-11-9 8:33:50 PM UTC
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Tolkien: Lighting Up The Darkness

Ablaze (2023-10-31)

$18.36 Blackwell's (hardback) - Availability: Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 weeks
$16.79 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
£11.75 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
€16.68 (Gebundene Ausgabe) - Availability: Now
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12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 10:00:05 AM UTC
Thanks! I’ll definitely grab one.
4 March
2024-3-4 3:20:33 PM UTC
Comic Watch Interview: Willy Duraffourg of Ablaze’s OGN TOLKIEN: LIGHTNING UP THE DARKNESS

Tolkien-Lighting-Up-the-Darkness-Preview-1-page-001-scaled.jpg ... lightning-up-the-darkness
5 March
2024-3-5 1:27:32 AM UTC
Thanks, Trotter. Two quotes from the interview, pertinent to comments in the livestream about how this might compare to the biopic in its flexibility with the real events:

For the start, I wanted to stay as true as possible to Tolkien’s life, to evoke it through the dialogues and to make it familiar to those who know the work as well as those whom don’t, without entering into any anachronistic fantasy.


We had to present Tolkien and his friends but also what English society and Europe were at that time. The codes of honor, the conflicts between Catholics and Anglicans, the many nuances that weaved the fabric of society at the time.

It was also necessary to address both the neophyte as well as the enlightened reader of Tolkien, which was quite a challenge. But I think that we we managed to find the balance, to remain faithful to explaining his life by showing things without explaining more than necessary.
5 March
2024-3-5 4:05:17 AM UTC
According to Tolkien: Uomo, Professore, Autore, the catalogue of the Italian Tolkien exhibition, it is also published in Italian, as well as the David Wenzel graphic Hobbit. Plus a few other graphics in Italian about which I knew nothing. Incidentally, I purchased Tolkien from the publisher SKIRA for $63.57 (including shipping) which is not bad for a large heavy book shipped from Europe to the USA.
10 March (edited)
2024-3-10 11:04:50 AM UTC
If we exclude a few parodies (or disney adaptations) and "simple" references in other comics, there are not so many Tolkien adaptations published in Italy.
Mainly we have:
- The three volumes Lord of the Rings comic adaptation by the spanish artist Luis Bermejo Rojo (published also in various other editions and discussed elsewhere in the forum).
- The Hobbit adaptation by David Wenzel, as you mentioned
- The italian translation of "Tolkien - Eclairer les ténèbres" titled "Tolkien - Rischiarare le Tenebre". You can see a few pages preview here.

There are also two curious items that might be of interest for comics collectors:

- A 3 pages adaptation call "Assalto al Guado di Gran Burrone" which is "Assaut at the Ford of Rivendell" published in December 1985 within number 49 of the magazine "Il Giornalino". You might be suprised by Aragorn mustache
- The story "Dietro lo Specchio" (Behind the Mirror) published in 1998 within the magazine "Lanciostory Più". In this story the two protagonists, Gabriel and Alice, are helped by Professor Tolkien to escape from a fantastic world in which they are travelling...

As far as I know the comic "J.R.R. Tolkien et la battaille de la Somme – Dans un trou sous la terre" as been instead published only in France.

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J.R.R. Tolkien et la bataille de la Somme.

A CONTRESENS (2019-09-24)

$27.53 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
£40.10 (Paperback) - Availability: Now
€unknown (Taschenbuch) - Availability: unknown

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