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Interview with Wayne Hammond

12 Nov, 2014
2014-11-12 2:33:37 PM UTC

Fellow Tolkien collector, noted Tolkien scholar and co-editor (with wife Christina Scull) of the forthcoming The Art of The Lord of the Rings just had a lovely interview/article published over at the Williams Record. ... e-career-through-tolkien/
12 Nov, 2014
2014-11-12 7:10:41 PM UTC
Nice little article...
12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 10:50:09 AM UTC
Findegil The link no longer works for this article, do you know if it is still available on the internet anywhere?
12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 12:13:27 PM UTC
I'm afraid you'll have to go to the (slow, clunky) digitized issue of the paper, at ... SPECIAL/12288140180002786, p. 7.

12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 12:19:14 PM UTC
Thanks, great it is still available, it appears to be page 8 on the on-line version.
12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 1:53:48 PM UTC
I've screenshot the piece.

5567_6550d8e98eb1c.jpg 1080X2400 px
12 Nov, 2023
2023-11-12 10:47:36 PM UTC
Thank you for posting, Amon Rudh.
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