The book was 16,683 days overdue when it was returned (c) Blackpool Libraries

A woman who returned a library book after more than 45 years has apologised for it being "a bit late".

Blackpool Libraries said the copy of Tolkien's World was taken out by an unnamed woman in 1978 for three weeks.

Blackpool Central Library's Fiona Davies said the borrower recently stumbled across the tome about author JRR Tolkien's works while clearing out her home.

The library assistant said the woman had sheepishly apologised for lateness.

"I was shocked to see the date," she said.

"I was still at primary school then."

She said the lady "returned the book and said 'sorry, it's a bit late'".

"I said it's a good job we don't have fines any more."


I'm impressed by how popular the book was.