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By Taivo
Just can't stay away

A Weekend of Treasures

18 Nov, 2023
2023-11-18 6:59:29 AM UTC

In 2021, the publisher Izdatel’stvo AST in moscow started a series of LOTR, Hobbit, and Silmarillion editions that featured new editions of major translators. There were six LOTR, six Hobbit, and four Silmarillion translations published in the series. I had all but the first, which was a Hobbit translation. I had scoured the internet for over a year looking for a copy, but it was nowhere to be found. In August I happened to find a copy from a German seller on I placed my order on 4 August. When it hadn't shown up by 4 September I wrote her and she said that her source in russia was sending it, but that getting parcels out of russia at this time takes weeks and not days. She assured me that as soon as it reached her she'd send it on to me by DHL.

At the beginning of October I still hadn't received the Hobbit, but I was checking out odds and ends and decided to look at the bookshop in Sri Lanka to see if anything new was coming out in Sinhala. Since I first added the Sinhala translation of Fellowship (all there was at the time) to my website in 2021, that page has always been first or second in click-through traffic. To my surprise, there was a new edition of Fellowship with a new translation of Two Towers, to boot! I immediately placed my order.

Less than an hour later I was looking at one of the copies of LOTR on my ebay watchlist and balancing my bank balance with my desire when at the bottom of the page, ebay suggested a copy of an edition of Hringadróttinssaga (Icelandic) that I had never seen before (with movie covers). The Icelandic page of my website had always been number one in click-through traffic until it was supplanted by Sinhala, and then it was consistently first or second, doing a little ranking dance with Sinhala. Desire overwhelmed the bank balance and I ordered it as well. In one day I had acquired both a new Sinhala edition and another Icelandic edition.

On Wednesday, 25 October, the Hobbit arrived. On Friday the 27th the Sinhala books arrived. And on Monday the 30th the Icelandic books arrived. What a weekend full of treasure!

My collection continues to grow: Lord of the Rings Translations

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18 Nov, 2023 (edited)
2023-11-18 6:18:04 PM UTC
Congratulations Taivo! Nice acquistions.

Coincidentally, I just came across the New Sinhala books 2 days ago on

And, for anyone interested, here are all the Russian Editions in that series.

11_6558ffc9c1116.jpg 2560X1920 px
18 Nov, 2023
2023-11-18 7:37:08 PM UTC
I love They're my source for all of my Sinhala books. Top notch service. (And the favorable exchange rate from Sri Lanka rupees to US dollars means that they are quite affordable even with shipping via DHL.)

That's a great photo of the full AST set, remy. When I first started seeing the volumes show up on ebay and elsewhere I couldn't figure out what the different colors were for. I hadn't noticed that they were from different translators yet, but at the time I was focusing on getting into the more obscure languages that were harder to locate. Finally, one day I was looking on some bookseller's website and saw two of them side by side for the first time. Then I noticed that the "translated by" lines were of different lengths.

My photography isn't the best, that's why on my website I use scans of the covers cropped and sized in Photoshop.
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