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14 May, 2009
2009-5-14 6:20:54 PM UTC
Always in for a free book
I have received the deluxe editon just a week, but I haven't got time to read it... I have almost examinations, you see, so Tolkien has to make (a little) way for some time...
Is it good? (the book Sigurd and Gudrún, I mean)

By the way, thanks HoughtonMifflin!
14 May, 2009
2009-5-14 8:12:51 PM UTC
The story is terrific! I have always been a fan of the old legends, including the Sigurd/Siefried sagas. I am afraid that many people may be turned off from this book, especially if they come to it seeking more Middle Earth. However, true Tolkien fans will enjoy it greatly, as it reveals more of the influences and ideas behind Tolkien concepts.
20 May, 2009
2009-5-20 7:52:34 PM UTC
Thanks to the German Tolkien Society, I found a German review in the top German newspaper: "Even to the great cry of vengeance". This is a serious and positive review, even though it starts out by stating that Tolkien's retelling of the Edda came from the same impulse as fanfic by readers of J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer and as Jules Verne's continuation of Edgar Alan Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket as Le Sphinx des glaces, Goethe's continuation of Alois Schikaneder's Magic Flute and Ariosto's continuation of Matteo Maria Boiardo's Orlando Inamorato.
23 May, 2009
2009-5-23 5:51:49 PM UTC
Please, add me to the giveaway!

Even if it would have been thath kind of retelling, it will be nice. I have read Le Sphinix des glaces (The green ray?, I think that was how it was translated to Spanish) and Orlando Mad (?), illustrated by Gustave Dore. And they are good, Tolkien wrote/told (?) that if he would have read Ariosto's Orlando, he wouldn't have liked it; I never agreed with him... a bit like Inferno by Dante.
24 May, 2009
2009-5-24 10:03:56 AM UTC
Alas, I left my standard copy on a train last weekend. Luckily, though, I had my emergency backup deluxe copy to read

- wellinghall
11 Jun, 2009
2009-6-11 7:26:10 AM UTC
Just a few days late (as usual it seems around here for me, and my apologies).

The winners are Brian Maxwell (contributed off the forum) and Ssmmbfcs. Congrats! You both will hear from me via email to set up the shipping of the books.

Stay tuned for another drawing - If I can get it listed in the next few days, it will be for the month of June, so keep your fingers crossed I find more time away from the day job(s)!
11 Jun, 2009
2009-6-11 3:30:04 PM UTC

Thanks a lot Jeremy. My smail is on thw in-box.

SyV [H&V],
22 Jun, 2009
2009-6-22 2:25:40 AM UTC
Looking forward very much to receiving this!

– Brian
4 Jul, 2009
2009-7-4 2:27:12 AM UTC
Thanks, the book is at home and was received fine (it came very well wrapped).

4 Jul, 2009
2009-7-4 2:41:03 AM UTC
I received my copy today, too. ssmmbfcs is right, it came extremely well-packaged. I am very happy with it! Thanks very much to Jeremy, Houghton Mifflin, and anyone else who might be involved in this giveaway. I appreciate it immensely. Now off to work, with Sigurd and Gudrún tucked firmly under arm. Cheers!

– Brian.
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