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By Olwe
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Pagan America: The Decline of Christianity and the Dark Age to Come

8 January
2024-1-8 5:11:43 PM UTC

I am not quite sure whether I should be adding this to this forum but here we go.

The reason to add it? This podcast: Tolkien's Warning.

Essentially using Tolkien to, well... do his thing: "the end of Christianity in the West". ... collsguid-20&linkCode=osi

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8 January
2024-1-8 7:18:48 PM UTC
I find it interesting to see how Tolkien is viewed by different people or groups.

If the creators of that podcast feel that Tolkien had a warning for us, others have said that he was also part of a solution to the degradation of society which seems to be a central theme of Mr. Davidson's book.

More specifically, the author of an article in The Living Church in 1960, on the works of Tolkien, Lewis and Williams, said this:

Screenshot_20240108_185612_Samsung Notes.jpg

The subtitle of this article was "Three authors write fantasy for a troubled world" - though I assume Mr. Davidson would say the world is a lot more troubled than it was in 1960.

8 January
2024-1-8 10:25:14 PM UTC
The problem for me with this sort of publication is that (based only on the blurb) it seems to assert that atheists hate or wish to harm Christians and/or are not capable of living a decent life, respecting other people's lives. This could not be further from the truth in my experience although having just finished the old testament, I can understand possible reasons for the assertion, as in that publication this sort of reaction (in reverse) appears to be standard.
On balance, I'd suggest the original post (and almost certainly mine) be removed from this forum.
8 January
2024-1-8 11:32:36 PM UTC
Mod Edit* I will leave the post, as there is nothing wrong with alerting others to books (however Tolkien adjacent) being published and Tolkien Podcasts. Olwe is a well respected member of the Tolkien community and has earned leeway in any case. I am locking the thread however, as there is nothing really on collecting to contribute.
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