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11 January
2024-1-11 7:02:17 PM UTC
I've created an editable page to track the known errata for Carpenter's Letters with what I think is an accurate accumulation of everything reported so far.

Eventually I would like to expand it to track what goes back to 1981 and the paperback edition, etc. so feel free to report those as well, either through a reply here or (if you are comfortable) editing the page yourself. Thanks for all the help so far! ... f+J.+R.+R.+Tolkien+Errata

14 January
2024-1-14 3:54:58 PM UTC
I will note here an apparent trend (likely introduced by OCR) of original commas before words beginning with a capital letter being altered to (OCR-interpreted as?) periods: e.g.

L 181 "exterior to my story. Elves" for original "exterior to my story, Elves" (p. 341)

Several examples of this are already noted in the errata, but I suspect there are others that have been missed in material proof-read to date.

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