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Lord of the Rings Musical

20 January (edited)
2024-1-20 8:43:05 PM UTC

So I’m starting a thread on the items I have relating to the Lord of the Rings Musical, covering all three productions, Canada, London and the recent smaller Water Mill.

Firstly, I have to say that I don’t have very much from the original Canada production.

Saying that, the first item is a programme from the original production at the Prince of Wales theatre in 2006.

4419_65ac304e2cc84.jpeg 1536X2048 px
20 January
2024-1-20 10:15:47 PM UTC
Looking forward to this, Andy. I have quite a bit of the Drury Lane items. Not much Canadian, and none from the 2023 show. I’m annoyed with myself for not sorting a visit to that one.
20 January
2024-1-20 10:54:26 PM UTC
This is my mug from the 2006 Toronto show. I have at least 2 more items that I’ll post when I find them.

5587_65ac4ecd90a30.jpeg 4032X3024 px

5587_65ac4ecd90ae3.jpeg 4032X3024 px
21 January
2024-1-21 7:44:19 PM UTC
I have that mug, it is one of my favourites.
21 January
2024-1-21 7:46:54 PM UTC
These are a set of 4 large posters from the London production.

4419_65ad74cbd282d.jpeg 2457X1624 px
22 January (edited)
2024-1-22 5:25:40 PM UTC
This is the first of various promotional flyers, it is one of the smaller ones. It features a black rider with a puppet horse of the front.

4419_65aea4dacdd1e.jpeg 1536X2048 px

4419_65c8f4b557501.jpeg 2048X1536 px
23 January
2024-1-23 7:30:13 PM UTC
Here is a promotional DVD in an interesting fold out sleeve featuring the ring. The DVD is only short, 15 minutes.

4419_65b01391a9ca1.jpeg 2048X1536 px

4419_65b013b843294.jpeg 1881X1671 px
23 January
2024-1-23 11:30:29 PM UTC
That dvd is very cool!
24 January (edited)
2024-1-24 12:24:00 AM UTC
It’s a nice little insight for sure. Not something you see often.
24 January
2024-1-24 6:23:15 PM UTC
This is an invitation to the London Opening Night Premiere Performance on Tuesday 19th June 2007.

4419_65b1555cea25d.jpeg 2048X1536 px

4419_65b1557b2982f.jpeg 2100X1575 px
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