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11 February
2024-2-11 4:22:45 PM UTC
Another flier, this is a medium sized one featuring just the logo on the front.

4419_65c8f32dbcc84.jpeg 1536X2048 px

4419_65c8f436b0dce.jpeg 2048X1536 px
12 February
2024-2-12 7:56:25 PM UTC
This is a Musical branded pin/badge. However I’m not sure if this is an official product though.

4419_65ca77b16a09f.jpeg 1536X2048 px
12 February
2024-2-12 8:49:20 PM UTC
Hi, Andy. Now I’m only guessing, but in my addition to your postings (above) I’ve shown a few unofficial items. However, the metal badge has the on its reverse. So I’m assuming that’s the official item. If your badge here doesn’t have that, I’d guess it wasn’t?
12 February
2024-2-12 9:49:23 PM UTC
Yes, I agree, I don’t think it had any branding on the back so I would say it was not official.
13 February
2024-2-13 10:30:04 PM UTC
Here is a set of 4 promotional postcards, featuring the usual colour images.

4419_65cbed68414a6.jpeg 2048X1536 px
14 February
2024-2-14 5:18:42 PM UTC
This is another medium sized poster from the London performance.

4419_65ccf57fcbd3e.jpeg 2782X3935 px
14 February
2024-2-14 8:52:40 PM UTC
Great to see what you’ve shown so far, Andy. I have most of what you seem to have apart from some of the fliers and posters, although I have a few. I look forward to seeing what else you have, and I may have one or two things you don’t. We’ll see 🙂.
But a question about some posters anyway. You show four large posters, and I do too. Are these the 30x20in ones? Also I have these three smaller 20x12in ones and wondered what the size of your two white posters you show are please?

4965_65cd28103ff72.jpeg 1362X1816 px

4965_65cd28103ffe1.jpeg 1868X1362 px
15 February
2024-2-15 6:12:13 PM UTC
Yes, the large set of 4 are 30x20, the white ones are 20x12. I have seen various other 20x12 4 poster sets similar to the large ones, like yours.
15 February
2024-2-15 6:18:25 PM UTC
So I have shown all the items I have from the original productions of the musical.

Just a few items from the new production to show.

These are some fliers from the new production.

4419_65ce54e344ab5.jpeg 1994X1576 px
15 February (edited)
2024-2-15 8:00:28 PM UTC
Before you get too far with your Windmill Theatre items Andy, I’ll add to your excellent 2006/7 post. Here are a few more items I’ve found.
A mouse mat
A laminated paper bag and one of fabric and leather.
The boxed set of paperbacks we’ve all seen before but I’ve never seen the extra slip cover from the theatre production until I found these books.
Andy has already shown the three small programmes and one of the brochures. But here are the Canadian one and UK opened night one. This opening night brochure has a pocket in the back which is nice to keep some extras in. Even though very similar pictures in all the brochures, they are certainly in a different order to each other.

4965_65ce67ae206e8.jpeg 1208X1208 px

4965_65ce67ae20771.jpeg 1891X1135 px

4965_65ce67ae207b6.jpeg 1110X1480 px

4965_65ce67ae207f1.jpeg 1443X1082 px

4965_65ce67ae2082a.jpeg 1474X1106 px

4965_65ce67ae20866.jpeg 1973X1479 px

4965_65ce67ae2089e.jpeg 1816X1362 px
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