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20 Oct, 2023
2023-10-20 9:51:43 AM UTC
Cool stuff, northman!
20 Oct, 2023
2023-10-20 9:53:49 AM UTC
Congrats Frode. Love the Haggerty banner and as someone else said, great to see someone here with an example.
20 Oct, 2023
2023-10-20 10:05:06 AM UTC
What a lovely and varied haul, congratulations northman!
21 Oct, 2023
2023-10-21 4:24:26 AM UTC
Great acquisitions! Glad to see (another) one of the Marquette banners - I got the Mazarbul banner but haven't had a chance to open up and take pictures yet. Hopefully this weekend. Anyone know who got the third banner or the timeline?
21 Oct, 2023
2023-10-21 9:01:17 PM UTC
I have the Eärendillinwë banner, and I am super happy with it! I need to find a pair of rods with nice finials to hang it up.

5246_65343b8a3e5b4.jpg 2143X4015 px
22 Oct, 2023
2023-10-22 2:57:19 AM UTC
Great to see all three banners picked up by folks here! Would love to see some better photos of the timeline if someone here got it too.
22 Oct, 2023
2023-10-22 11:16:16 PM UTC
Thank you all, and nice to see where the other Marquette banners landed. Congratulations Urulókë and Carnórimo.
22 February
2024-2-22 12:21:19 AM UTC
Some of the stuff that has made its way north the last few weeks:

- 'The Council of Elrond' original painted sketch by Jay Johnstone. A rather superb atmospheric piece by him that i think demonstrate his many-sided talent really well. I have included a close-up of this with Jays permission.

- 'Alqualonde', original sketch by Inger Edelfeldt.

- the first printing of the first Argentinian edition of the Silmarillion from 1985

- the first printing of the first thai edition of the Silmarillion from 2010

- the first printing of the first korean edition of the Silmarillion from 1997.

- the 1983 Houghton Mifflin Edition of the Silmarillion

- the hobbit in Lule-Samisk, first edition from 2023. I suspect this might perhaps be the smallest living language the hobbit has been translated to with about 650 native speakers (this is a variant of the language of the sami people in central norway and sweden).

- The hobbit in Silesian, first edition from 2023.

- The hobbit, first printing of the first latvian edition from 1991

- The hobbit, 25th printing of the 1989 HMCO PB edition, signed by Michael Hague with one of his typical remarqued smaugs.

- First printing of the 1992 Grafton Centenary The Lord of the Rings

- First printing of the 1992 Grafton Centenary Silmarillion

- 1988 HMCO trade paperback boxset with the second state slipcase sporting the beautiful Centenary logo

- the Fellowship of the ring, first printing of the first lithuanian edition from 1994

- La kunularo de l' ringo, first esperanto edition of the fellowship of the ring from 1995, containing 'A Philologist on Esperanto'. A big treasure for me - thank you for all the help Remy!

- The 1976 first french pocket edition (3 volumes) of the Lord of the Rings.

- The lord of the rings, norwegian paperback box set from 1994 with the Alan Lee covers. The box is very rare and I havent seen one for sale in years. Happy to get it.

- The Children of Hurin slipcase deluxe, signed by Baillie Tolkien to our very own Emilien in 2021. CoH was dedicated to Baillie by Christopher so having a copy signed by her is a big deal for me. Also she really hasnt done much booksigning making her a very welcome addition to my mini-collection of tolkien family signatures. Thank you Emilien!

- The fellowship of the ring, swedish pocket edition from 1980 signed by Inger Edelfeldt. This is the only tolkienbook signed by her I know about. I was well aware of its existence because our very own collector and scholar PredictableMatt has shown it to us (she signed this copy for him). To my surprise and astonishment I received this as a gift (Matt knowing well that I am a huge fan of Edelfeldts tolkienart). This book is very special to me being a gift from a friend, with what is my favourite Edelfeldt cover and being signed by her. Thank you Matt....what generosity of spirit!

- 'Stories from the third age' and 'the middle-earth collection'. Unwin paperbacks boxsets from 1979. Very happy to get these.

- 'Songs for the philologists', personally made printing based on a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of Tolkiens copy. It turned out rather nicely.

- The Hobbit 50th Anniversary, 1937-1987
A commemorative booklet celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of The Hobbit. Unwin Hyman variant.

- 70+ polaroids of Sergey Yukhimov (Lukhimov) artwork - I have shown some of them in a separate thread. Zionius - pictures are coming.

- Mallorn number 12 (the queen of Mallorns for reasons shown).

5187_65d6923490515.jpg 1140X720 px

5187_65d6924da1f59.jpg 1005X720 px

5187_65d6926990179.jpg 2000X720 px

5187_65d69284122cc.jpg 720X804 px

5187_65d6928e74a55.jpg 720X964 px

5187_65d692a98655f.jpg 1115X720 px

5187_65d692a9865d1.jpg 1441X720 px

5187_65d692c9b5279.jpg 720X805 px

5187_65d692d8052c4.jpg 720X1064 px

5187_65d692f8f1ed1.jpg 572X1003 px

5187_65d692f8f1f35.jpg 720X1000 px

5187_65d6930843cd6.jpg 1306X720 px

5187_65d6930eabc42.jpg 2000X720 px

5187_65d69316a52d7.jpg 720X1195 px

5187_65d6932da1a0c.jpg 2000X720 px

5187_65d6934671cad.jpg 957X720 px

5187_65d693667e6e5.jpg 720X950 px

5187_65d6936e0c55d.jpg 720X2000 px
22 February
2024-2-22 12:44:25 AM UTC
Great photos and new additions! I hadn’t thought of self-printing Songs for the Philologists but now that I’ve seen yours I am thinking I’ll do the same. Thanks for sharing!
22 February
2024-2-22 7:35:35 AM UTC
An amazing haul ! and I'm glad you have this CoH (I remember I was shaking when I gave the book for signing to Baillie)
Congratulations !
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