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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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15 February
2024-2-15 10:00:23 PM UTC
Nice, I like the 2 bags, I’ve never managed to get hold of one.
16 February
2024-2-16 8:33:08 AM UTC
My final item is a Programme from the latest Watermill production.

4419_65cf1db7c4637.jpeg 2048X1536 px
16 February
2024-2-16 8:34:11 AM UTC
That’s everything I have in my collection atm.

Anyone else got anything not shown yet?
16 February
2024-2-16 5:19:39 PM UTC
Lovely to see everything, Andy. Thank you. For me, the fliers seem to be very hard to come by. I guess by their nature, they just don’t survive well.
27 February
2024-2-27 12:20:10 AM UTC
I’ve managed to get a brochure different to your programme and a couple of pint sized plastic cups for the new production.

4965_65dd2aa7e9f7a.jpeg 2597X1941 px
27 February
2024-2-27 1:28:14 PM UTC
Nice, not seen those before.
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