Letter link: Letter from J.R.R. Tolkien to Daphne Castell • 28 September 1954 (#1046)

Hello everyone. Does anybody here have a copy of Sotheby's Catalogue of English Literature Comprising Printed Books, Autograph Letters and Manuscripts, 21-22 July 1983? We need a scan of Lot. 534 if possible. Letters to Daphne Castell and typescript notes from an interview with Tolkien. Any help would be much appreciated.

As many of you know, Daphne Castell interviewed Tolkien and that interview became the basis of two published interviews, but I was alerted to this video recently and it was assumed that the quote was from a letter, but with a little digging (thanks to Urulókë) it became clear that the read portion came from a typescript from the interview, not a letter. The auction catalogue would help on both letters and interviews, which I plan work on later in the year.

Thanks all.