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Richard Plotz (1948-2024)

5 March (edited)
2024-3-5 1:23:38 PM UTC

Dick Plotz.jpg

Dick was an awesome friend and OG pillar of the Tolkien community. He will be missed.
5 March (edited)
2024-3-5 1:40:44 PM UTC
He will be sorely missed, loved our talk with him and Bob Foster. RIP.

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5 March
2024-3-5 1:42:52 PM UTC
That remains my favourite TCG, or in fact any Tolkien related video. I have watched it a number of times.

Sad news.
5 March (edited)
2024-3-5 1:45:35 PM UTC
Here is our chat with Dick and Bob

5 March
2024-3-5 2:39:25 PM UTC
It will be hard for some to appreciate just how pivotal a figure Dick Plotz was in the early days of organized Tolkien fandom, particularly for those of us who studied Tolkien's Elvish languages. It seems hard to believe now but for many years the famous "Plotz Declension" of the Quenya noun, which Tolkien sent to Plotz in 1967 (and spoken of and quietly shared around in semi-surreptitious manner before its authorized publication in Beyond Bree in March 1989), was the only explicit, substantial illustration of Elvish grammar direct from Tolkien's pen that anyone knew. I was especially pleased to see it published at last in the revised Letters last year, and hope that Plotz was as well.

5 March
2024-3-5 5:33:31 PM UTC
Dick Plotz was in a class by himself. But I hope other veteran Tolkien enthusiasts can be interviewed or profiled too. We have Ed Meskys's reminiscences online, but so far as I know, no one sat down to talk with him about Tolkien, Niekas, etc. before his death, for historical purposes. You have talked with Bob Foster. Who else should be interviewed?
5 March
2024-3-5 7:59:01 PM UTC
That is sad news indeed. Yes Dick will be sorely missed. He lit the beacon early on across the Pond. RIP. A question for Aelfwine......what were Christopher's views on Richard Plotz?
5 March
2024-3-5 8:08:18 PM UTC

Olorin wrote:

A question for Aelfwine......what were Christopher's views on Richard Plotz?

I don't recall him ever mentioning Plotz.
5 March
2024-3-5 8:10:47 PM UTC
David Bratman has written a brief appreciation of Dick Plotz, with a link back to TCG, on his blog here:
7 March
2024-3-7 6:50:13 AM UTC
need to interview Dainis Bisenieks
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