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French Unfinished Tales trade paperback edition 2024

3 April (edited)
2024-4-3 8:29:17 PM UTC

Today, I was able to find early the new french trade paperback edition of Unfinished Tales (Contes et Légendes inachevés).
This edition is a thing of beauty, with the Blue wizards journeying East on the front cover.
Printing is of excellent quality, especially for the illustrations which are reproduced on glazed paper. These are far superior in quality in regards of the British trade and deluxe editions, and that's an understatement.

Sorry for the pictures quality, they're difficult to photograph.

4888_660dbba84af9a.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbbaafcfc.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36ef92.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36f02f.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36f06f.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36f0b1.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36f0ef.jpg 4032X2268 px

4888_660dbbe36f129.jpg 2268X4032 px

4888_660dbbe36f15e.jpg 4032X2268 px
3 April
2024-4-3 8:34:29 PM UTC
Cool! Congrats!
3 April
2024-4-3 8:38:55 PM UTC
Those colour illustrations do look really nice!
3 April
2024-4-3 8:41:18 PM UTC
That is a pretty cool edition. Good buy!
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