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My new blog: Tolkien Archive

12 April
2024-4-12 3:35:22 PM UTC

I have inaugurated a blog where I will post much of my undisclosed research over twenty-eight years. I do so with the hope of being useful to "other minds and other hands."

The first article is on my discovery of Tolkien's lecture on "The Notion Club Papers"at Stonyhurst St Mary's Hall to the seminarians of the Venerable English College (March 1946) .

Article: Tolkien's Undisclosed 1946 Lecture on The Notion Club Papers at Stonyhurst
12 April
2024-4-12 3:40:07 PM UTC
I get this when I visit the Blog

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12 April
2024-4-12 3:43:31 PM UTC
Same for me. Looking forward to reading your article !
12 April
2024-4-12 3:51:47 PM UTC
Thanks it is working now
12 April
2024-4-12 5:40:27 PM UTC
Excellent, thanks for letting us know. I will add it to my feed. Good luck with it.
12 April
2024-4-12 8:03:47 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing! Interesting find and nice article about it. Will look forward to future posts.
13 April
2024-4-13 8:54:08 AM UTC
Dear friend, this is amazing news!!! I am very very much looking forward to reading all about your research and discoveries regarding Tolkien, your post gave me goosebumps!!! Best wishes, Lokki
15 April
2024-4-15 8:52:17 AM UTC
Excellent, Oronzo. Looking forward to more!
15 April
2024-4-15 9:44:16 AM UTC
Wonderful! Can’t wait for more.
6 May (edited)
2024-5-6 8:33:14 PM UTC
The subject of this article does not directly refer to Tolkien, but to a note on a little-known episode in the life of William Shakespeare that the Professor had copied from a now unobtainable book.

I found about it after doing research in the articles published in the journal Note and Queries, the quarterly scholarly journal that publishes short articles related to "English language and literature, lexicography, history, and scholarly antiquarianism".

Read my new article: Tolkien, Shakespeare, and the Stocks Tree in West Wickham
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